My Income Streams

Below I’ve listed all the income streams I have and am currently working on. I try not to take on more than 5 projects at a given time. If you’re interested in learning more about the particular business simply click the link below and you’ll be directed to that particular page to learn more about it.

Kindle Publishing (If you’re new to making money online start with Kindle Publishing)

Kindle publishing is creating and selling eBooks through Amazon’s channel. You can also create paperback books using CreateSpace and Audiobooks using Audible/ACX.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is promoting someone else’s products. When you refer a customer and they go through your affiliate link you get paid for it.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is creating a list of leads and building relationships with them so you can recommend products and sell to them later on.

Information Products 

Information products are digital goods as opposed to physical goods. These products can be in the form of an eBook, Mp3, or online course. I focus a lot on selling my courses through Udemy and Skillfeed.

Amazon FBA 

Fulfillment by Amazon is when you buy products for a low prices and resell them for a profit on Amazon. You don’t have to ship the products directly because you’ll be sending them to the fulfillment center where Amazon will do all the customer service and ship the products for you.

Authority Websites

Authority websites are huge sites that you take time to build over the years. They cover everything on a particular topic.


Projects I’m Working On In 2017

  1. My Natural Hair Website
  2. Online Courses and Information Products
  3. Self Publishing
  4. FBA (wholesale & private label)
  6. New Case Study for eBay Dropshipping
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  1. Hi, I happen to be doing some research and came across your site. Thank you for having the courage to start a business because you encourage me to continue my journey. However, I am struggling with getting my websites up and running. I am also working full time, but my plan is get my business up so I can get out of the rat race; can you give me some advice?
    I know my niche. I am incorporated, but I am struggling to get my websites going?

    • Hey Kisha,

      I deeply apologize for the late reply. I’ve been grinding lately lol. My advice to you would be to just get started, what exactly is keeping you from launching your sites? It’s been a few months, do you have them up and running yet?

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