meoutdoorGreetings! I’m Argena Olivis, internet marketer and serial entrepreneur. I’ve been online since 2012. I started online because I wanted to make some extra money while in college.

My goal was just to create a website and make money from it. As I started learning about website creation I found out it is so much more– it’s a business.

When I started hearing stories about how people retired young by creating business online I was hooked.

I went sort of crazy lol. I borrowed books about business, entrepreneurship, and working from home I could find. I was listening to podcasts, watching Youtube videos, and reading blog posts about business.

I soon found myself overwhelmed and doing a lot of learning and no implementing. I’ve heard and read it all– but I needed to focus and think about what I really wanted.

All this time I was bootstrapping. I was always trying to find the cheapest way to do something. Then one day I decided I would invest in myself.

I was tired of trying to find the cheapest way to do things.
I found if I invested money into myself then I could focus and get results faster than if I kept searching for the “free solution”.

My life also changed when I started to get into personal development. I found that I needed to take massive action if I wanted to succeed. Having the right mindset is what keeps me motivated.

This website is about journey to online business success and all the struggles and rewards that go along with it. Come with me on my journey– all are welcome.


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  1. Hey,

    I just purchased your book (how to create audio books) on gumroad. I purchased your book writing course, had a questions about the description and “Bold type” when it comes to making your box set(s) stand out.

    I also, most importantly, left a review on how to create audio books. Let’s see, that’s two of your courses (the audio book) I gobbled up very quickly. Am still working on your other book writing course. I changed my id to President of The Internet – LOL. That has a lot of clout for now.

    Oh, I had some trouble with that ebook file. Makes me mad because I think I opened it in edit mode using calibre.

    Add more resources with regards to who else is out there. Maybe add an advance course that’s a tad bit more expensive and where people know how to record, but need some tips and more tricks. Marketing, that sounds very interesting, but not there yet. If you listen to Big Luca, he says- you need to use key money words and etc. I have said my spill about that Russian guy with the big personality and the money to boot.

    • Thanks for your support Chris and I appreciate the review 🙂

      And great idea! I should create a more advanced course. That’s something I have to consider in 2017.

      Let me know if you have any questions. Talk to you soon.

  2. Argena you are my FBA angel. iLong story short I bought a bunch of books, tried to follow the directions on amazon, and failed miserably being able to list. I bought no fewer than 8 books on Amazon, each promising to teach me how to sell hundreds of books making thousands of $ each month. Every single one went through the steps leaving out over half of what a beginner needs to know. I didn’t even know that you started in seller central! I went directly to amazon seller, lost and frustrated. Thankfully I found your book and feel so much more confident moving forward. I can’t thank you enough!
    Fulfillment by Amazon for beginners is my new bible. Where you said “After hours of research and uncertainty” You said it was a long time coming. This was me exactly. I have a room full of great books and hopefully now, thanks to you I’m plunging ahead…Balls to the wall baby!!! You also said that it was your experience of uncertainty that made you write this guide . By going through the steps including details some do not find necessary you have provided something that I have found as a instrument to success.
    I wish you all the success in the world! I’ve had a lot of “dream snatchers” telling me just give up. With your help I’m going to be able to talk them to…wel I’m sure I’ll come up with something.
    I’m sorry this is so long and to be honest I never write these kinds of responses, but I really wanted you to know how much your knowledge benefitted me and I’m sure hundreds others!
    I wish you all the best, health happiness and joy.
    Lisa Henlein ❤😁👏

    • Thank you so much Lisa, it really means a lot. I’m happy that I could help you get started. I appreciate your kind words and I wish you the greatest success as well. Make sure to keep in touch to let me know how you’re doing with everything.


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