Amazon FBA

Another way I make money online is through Amazon FBA. I just started with FBA in September 2014 and I’ve been making a consistent income.

FBA is a “semi-passive” business and is simple to run once you get to know what you’re doing. The one thing that is kind of a downside is that you have to have money to buy inventory. But once your items start selling you can reinvest your earnings to buy more inventory.

Also, you’re selling physical products so it requires you to have to keep replenishing your inventory over time. I started out doing retail arbitrage and will be moving into doing only wholesale and bundles in 2015. The first package I sent to the fulfillment center was stuff that I had laying around the house. If you’re just starting out I’d start with the stuff you have in your house first then move on to buying more inventory.

I’ll be adding more content that includes tips and tutorials on how to make an income with FBA overtime, so stay tuned! I’ll also be updating you on my progress and income with FBA.

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