I’ve always been bad when it comes to staying focused, lets be honest. I was talking to my accountability partner about my plan to make six figures this year and she was telling me about how to make this goal more realistic. We discussed how this could really happen.

She was telling me about her ultimate goal to make $16k a month. I was thrown back at first, but then she told me that was her magic number for her ideal life. It made me think… because I only chose six figures because it sounds good. I knew that it’s about $10,000 a month ($8,333 a month to be exact).

What she did, and what I am working towards doing is created her ideal life on paper. She has an actual PLAN. She know’s exactly how she wants to spend every last penny. She knows how much her ideal house, car, and expenses will be. I think this is really awesome, and I’m excited to create my plan!

Anyways, once I realized that $8,333 a month was my goal I wrote down all my income streams: merch by amazon, audiobooks, Udemy, courses (gumroad), CreateSpace, Kindle, amazon fba, Google Adsense, and affiliate marketing. Beside each income stream I wrote down how much I made in the month of January.

Now… the hard part… how will I increase these income streams to get me to $8,333 a month? That’s where I’m at now. You can probably tell from the Facebook post I made:










Now all I have to do is come up action steps that will bring me more income. I have to see what income producing activities I should be doing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis that will move me closer to my ultimate goal!

With that being said, we also discussed a new income stream that she just started. She’s actually in Thailand right now and she’s meeting a lot of cool like-minded people. One guy put her onto eBay dropshipping and she has already made a few sales.

And I thought “what the hell, I mind as well get started with it too.” It’s really very funny because I’m always the unfocused one who starts up random income streams, but this time it was her… and of course I joined her in the insanity.

I figured why not, she’s already seen results and I want to venture into something new. This time I’ll be taking you along with me in the process! I’m going to keep you updated with my results from this particular business.

The course that I’m taking is called eBay Drop Shipping Guide With No Inventory, it’s a Udemy course, and of course, please support by purchasing through my affiliate link! That way we can go through this together.


Today, well technically yesterday since it’s 3am now, I managed to get one product listed. I found that I can only list 10 products a month for now. So I’ll be creating all 10 of my listings before the end of February.

I’m extremely excited about this new project/business venture. And excited to have you coming along for the ride. Make sure we stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat: argena2015

Again, check out the course here. Use Coupon BEFR2204 like I did, I got the course for just $15. But hurry because that coupon expires February 28, 2017!