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I can remember back to the good times where I was rolling in the passive income without a care in the world! Lol jk, I actually never was “rolling in doe” particularly. But my income was awesome, especially for me having no kids and no crazy business expenses.

That’s the thing I love about online business, the overhead is very minimal. You can get started for free, there’s really no excuses.

I was traveling a lot these past two years, I did just enough to keep enough income coming in to where I could support myself. I also had help, I was married and he was working so we were splitting the bills in half.

I keep thinking back to what Tony Robbins said, “You earn what you must earn, not a cent more.” It’s one of the truest statements! I’ve always earned either just enough or a little more than what I needed. My online income has never surpassed $5,000 a month.

As I look back, I regret not working harder. But I believe there is a lesson in every experience. I had my fun, now it’s time to get to work. I got complacent and lazy because of passive income.

I was in denial, but my income dropping the way it has was a real eye opener for me. Not only did I stop working on my business the way I should. I also stopped reading books and listening to motivational and informational videos like I used to when I first got started online.

There were times I’d go weeks without working. It’s really a shame. I was taking everything for granted. 

The lesson here is to keep going. I knew what I should be doing. But just as Wesley Virgin says, “what’s easy to do is also easy not to do.”

The Switch

Right now I’m focusing on daily income producing activities that are non-negotiable, such as:

  • eBay listings for my drop-shipping business
  • creating CreateSpace books for the Kindle books I already have published
  • writing 5k+ words a day (working on new books – btw check out my Fiverr Gig I’m not sure how long I’ll be offering it)
  • creating audiobooks for the books I already have published (either creating them myself or hiring narrators)

I’m rewiring my mindset. I feel like not having the proper mindset was also a part of why I kept starting and stopping in my business. I’ve been listening to relevant success videos, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.

I know focus and consistency are two key factors in creating income. I’ve lacked in both of those areas. I really had to crack down and decide that I will only be focusing on my site and my natural hair site. I have so many other projects and ideas, but those will have to wait!

This gives me a peace of mind. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to make money online, it might be because you’re being swayed in so many different directions. The internet has endless opportunities to make money. Try focusing on one business until you build up that income stream to where it can either run on its own or you outsource the work so that the stream that you’re working on doesn’t deplete.

I’ve been a person with good intentions for the longest time. I’m finally exposing myself and putting action where my mouth is. It feels amazing!

The books I’m reading now are Six Months To Six Figures by Peter Voogd, and The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris.

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Hello party people, I know I’ve been out of the blogging scene for a while but now Im back and ready for action.

Whats going on? Well a whole lot has changed in my personal life for damn sure. Im recently divorced and Im still transitioning into being a single woman again.
As far as businesses, I stopped selling one of my top selling products on Amazon to focus on my other product (big mistake) because now I could really use that income.
So I just ordered some more of that product and I just have to build it back up as far as reinvesting money and buying more inventory and eventually I want to change the pricing.
I stopped selling it because I really needed to consider business insurance, because I was getting concerning emails from a few customers. I know that new packaging will help remedy the problem but you have to order a certain amount of units to do that and I don’t have the capital… yet.
Another way I’ve been remedying the problem is by using Feedback Genius to send buyers an email to educate them about the product. So in time, before the end of the year Ill be good to go and able to market the product the way I truly want. Because of the packaging I feel like I can’t launch it to my audience yet because its not branded the way I like, so for now it’ll just be sold on Amazon like it had been before.
Books are still doing about the same. I’ve been working on growing my romance audience. The income from my books have been pretty much stagnant, because I haven’t recently launched anything new.
Another thing, Ill be going back to school for Real Estate. Real Estate is something I’ve always had a big interest in and is my long term wealth building plan. Ill be getting a license to sell real estate. The investor side is want I am interested in long term but I want to learn it all. Ill start there, I have to start somewhere. But at least ill have access to listings etc.
That’s pretty much whats going on. Just grinding it out and adjusting to my new life. I’ve been doing part time work that requires actively making income, but I have to do what I have to do. Im humble enough to get a job if I need to. I do have a degree in Biology. Ill let you all know if it comes to that. But for now Im just doing what I do best, and Im in savage mode!
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Lately I’ve been getting shit done, yay for me *cheers ecstatically*. This is my first time vlogging and I quite enjoyed it. I thought I ‘d give you an inside look of my life. Speak of the word “an” I just noticed I may have my logo grammatically incorrect (the disrespect is real).

It’s supposed to be “Real Life of AN internet marketer”… oh well. Life goes on. Anyways. I’ve been doing well. I managed to post new content for my natural hair site and I rewarded myself by going to Fright Night at Kennywood Park. Good times.

Hey you, let me know if you like this vlog thing. Also, from my vlogs if peeps have any questions I can create some tutorials and show you how to do things.

Follow My Journey:

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Make Up Your Mind

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This is why I decided not to strictly talk about one subject on my blog:

As you know I’m a lady of many talents, and I have business ADHD to say the least, just like many entrepreneurs. Originally my Argena Olivis blog was about “My Journey To Online Business Success”, then it was “Helping New Authors To Self Publish Their First Book”, and just recently I rebranded it to “Real Life Of An Internet Marketer”.

You see, I just can’t decide exactly what I want to talk about. That’s why I thought it was smart to show you the real life of someone making a living online. Right now the bulk of my income is coming from Amazon FBA, I haven’t even talked that much about that on the blog.

My second highest income is coming from my books, of course. Then I have little trickles from affiliate marketing, ecommerce, info products, merch by Amazon, etc.

What I found is that at the end of the day they all tie into each other. I know me. I know I’m multi-passionate and I’ll feel too restricted and overwhelmed if I just stick to one subject. I love business, wealth building, and the whole nine. So who’s stopping me from talking about it all… ME.

So this, my friend, is the reason I’m all over the place. There’s a lot going on with me personally anyways and you’ll be hearing about that very soon. This blog is taking a whole different turn for the better.

With that being said, whatever subject you found me for, I will continue to talk about it… It’s just not the only thing I’m about. You will be seeing more videos from me as well. Right now I’m just behind the scenes working and taking every day one step at a time.

My Journey Thus Far:

Help Me My Comfort Zone Is Killing ME
How I’m Slowly Getting Out Of My Laziness Rut
Doing Much Better [Update]

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Hey guys! I’m doing so much better than I was. I am developing a habit of daily writing. Right now I’m in the process of writing my book “How To Create Audiobooks.” It will be available for pre-order before the end of September 2016, I’m almost done writing it.



Also, I’m in the process of getting more reviews for my Amazon product . There’s competition that has recently come in and is selling the same product as me at a much lower price (which doesn’t make any sense). I mean this seller is discounting the product deeply. Selling it for almost $20 less than me, when they can be selling it for much more and still be lower than me.

This is the problem with relying on a 3rd party like Amazon for your income. I will be selling this product in my online store soon, but I’m waiting to get the packaging changed so that won’t be happening for another two months or so. Maybe sooner.

On top of that, I’m going to be launching a new product soon as well. All of the products I sell will be in the same niche. I’m trying to build a brand around these products.

My Merch By Amazon sales have gone down. The last few times I checked the sales I’m only averaging 1 sale per week. It used to be 7. This may be because more competition has come in. It’s fine, I’ll be promoting these shirts to my audience soon.

I haven’t promoted these products on my other authority site because I feel like I’m not consistent enough with adding value and I need to give more before I try and sell. My goal is to start promoting my shirts to my audience on social media before October is over.

First I’m going to post content more regularly, then I’ll start asking for the sale. I’m going to use my current audience to sell these shirts to. First by boosting Facebook posts. It’s going to be awesome.



Remember I told you I gained all that weight, I gained maybe 10-15 pounds. Well… I did a 7 day detox and I lost 5.6lbs in the first week. I’m still eating clean till this day. The detox has helped me reset my mind and body to go for better foods.

So, my weigh in days are on Friday. You can follow my journey on Snapchat. Add me on Snapchat: argena2015.

This weight loss has me feeling a lot more confident and is giving me a lot more energy.


Life Itself

I haven’t been watching any TV. Well, I’m about to watch the Steelers Game, but I haven’t been binging on Netflix which is a beautiful thing. I was addicted to TV for a while.

Now I need to work on reading more. I also need to consume less content and create more content for you.


Well, that was the update on my life and what’s going on. I’m just trying to stay motivated, consistent, and focused. Talk to you soon. Love.


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