I can remember back to the good times where I was rolling in the passive income without a care in the world! Lol jk, I actually never was “rolling in doe” particularly. But my income was awesome, especially for me having no kids and no crazy business expenses.

That’s the thing I love about online business, the overhead is very minimal. You can get started for free, there’s really no excuses.

I was traveling a lot these past two years, I did just enough to keep enough income coming in to where I could support myself. I also had help, I was married and he was working so we were splitting the bills in half.

I keep thinking back to what Tony Robbins said, “You earn what you must earn, not a cent more.” It’s one of the truest statements! I’ve always earned either just enough or a little more than what I needed. My online income has never surpassed $5,000 a month.

As I look back, I regret not working harder. But I believe there is a lesson in every experience. I had my fun, now it’s time to get to work. I got complacent and lazy because of passive income.

I was in denial, but my income dropping the way it has was a real eye opener for me. Not only did I stop working on my business the way I should. I also stopped reading books and listening to motivational and informational videos like I used to when I first got started online.

There were times I’d go weeks without working. It’s really a shame. I was taking everything for granted. 

The lesson here is to keep going. I knew what I should be doing. But just as Wesley Virgin says, “what’s easy to do is also easy not to do.”

The Switch

Right now I’m focusing on daily income producing activities that are non-negotiable, such as:

  • eBay listings for my drop-shipping business
  • creating CreateSpace books for the Kindle books I already have published
  • writing 5k+ words a day (working on new books – btw check out my Fiverr Gig I’m not sure how long I’ll be offering it)
  • creating audiobooks for the books I already have published (either creating them myself or hiring narrators)

I’m rewiring my mindset. I feel like not having the proper mindset was also a part of why I kept starting and stopping in my business. I’ve been listening to relevant success videos, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.

I know focus and consistency are two key factors in creating income. I’ve lacked in both of those areas. I really had to crack down and decide that I will only be focusing on my site and my natural hair site. I have so many other projects and ideas, but those will have to wait!

This gives me a peace of mind. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to make money online, it might be because you’re being swayed in so many different directions. The internet has endless opportunities to make money. Try focusing on one business until you build up that income stream to where it can either run on its own or you outsource the work so that the stream that you’re working on doesn’t deplete.

I’ve been a person with good intentions for the longest time. I’m finally exposing myself and putting action where my mouth is. It feels amazing!

The books I’m reading now are Six Months To Six Figures by Peter Voogd, and The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris.